The Alabama FFA Foundation Specialty Tag is now available for pre-commitments at your county tag office. Persons desiring to support FFA programs in Alabama by purchasing pre-commitments must complete a “Commitment to Purchase” application for the Alabama FFA Foundation distinctive plate and remit the additional $50 fee to their county license plate issuing office. The county returns the original copy of the application form and a commitment to purchase tag receipt indicating receipt of the additional fee to the applicant. The “Commitment to Purchase” application can be completed even if it is not time for your tag to be renewed. The $50 fee is an annual fee in addition to the standard tag registration fees. Once the precommitments meet the required amount (1,000), applicants will have an unlimited time to return to the county office and receive their license plate. In order to receive the plate, applicants must present the ORIGINAL copy of the “Commitment to Purchase” application form and tag receipt. Once tags become available, anyone may purchase an Alabama FFA Foundation distinctive plate. 

To find out more about purchasing your FFA tag visit the Alabama FFA Website

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