It is officially the week that FFA members have been waiting for since the beginning of the year, National FFA Week. This year the National FFA Week theme is “Grow”. This year’s theme is about why the food we grow is important, why the skills we grow are important, and why the families and communities we grow are important. Each day this week I am going to write a blog post pertaining to some form of growth. My posts will be based off of prompts from the National FFA’s “FFA Week Blog Challenge”.

Today’s Theme: “Grow Your Network” 

I am going to discuss two networks which I would like to grow. First, I will talk about my blog. I hope to grow my blog by updating more frequently and gaining more likes, followers, and subscribers. It is important to me to grow my blog because I want to educate others about agriculture and show them how important agriculture is in our daily lives. It is important to the agriculture industry because I would be “ag”vocating and teaching others about agriculture if I grew my blog. Now, I will talk about growth within our FFA chapters. As an FFA member and chapter officer, I think that all chapters should be motivated to grow their chapters. If we see individual chapter growth, it means growth for the FFA as a whole. It is very important for our FFA chapters to grow and teach our members and others about agriculture. It would benefit the agriculture industry by promoting it and motivating others to get involved in agriculture. These are two networks that I would like to grow.

Below are a few ways we can “Grow Our FFA Network” this week:
  • Use the hashtags #ffaweek13 and #grow on Twitter
  • Posting about FFA Week on social media networks
  • Telling others about National FFA Week
  • Participating in National FFA Week
  • Sharing the Dodge “So God Made a Farmer” Video

There are many more ways. If you have any specific ways to “Grow Your Network” please mention them in a comment below!

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