Picture"Texas Tornado"
    Towards the end of May "fluffy cows" became "viral"  when a photo of a show steer (Texas Tornado) from Lautner Farms was posted on the internet . It even trended on Twitter this week using the hashtag #fluffycows
    What is a "fluffy cow" anyways? A "fluffy cow" is a cow, bull, or calf that has been groomed for a show to appear fluffy and appealing. To create the look of the "fluffy cow" farmers, ranchers, FFA members, and 4-H members can spend around two hours or more grooming their cattle. They wash, clip, apply special oils to make the coat appear soft, blow dry, and hairspray the cattle. Showing cattle teaches children to be smart, hardworking individuals and the importance of animal care and agriculture. They learn many beneficial things all while having fun in the show ring. These cows are also proof of the care and commitment that it takes to be a farmer or rancher.
    These "fluffy cows", however, are forming a debate about the publicity the beef industry is getting from them. Some believe this is bringing positive publicity to the beef industry by creating an open door to opportunities to describe how the beef industry really works and how important beef production and showing cattle can be. Whereas, others believe this is bringing negative publicity and that it may not be to the best interest of the beef industry to have "beef" portrayed as "cute, fluffy, and too adorable to eat." 
    As AGvocates, we need to use the publicity agriculture and the beef industry is getting from "fluffy cows" to make sure consumers do not come to the wrong assumption that these cattle are "too cute to eat."

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