As we all know this year has been a tough year for farming in our country due to crops having to undergo many harsh situations. The amount of crops in the United States and other places in North American have been low due to record breaking heat, severe drought, wildfires, and hurricane effects.

While mostly missing the fall harvest, Hurricane Sandy still left a negative effect on crops in eastern North America. Sandy’s rough winds and flooding rains damaged crops along its 2,000 mile path. The major damage was done to some urban farms in New York City.

Sandy started in the Caribbean causing many deaths and destruction of agricultural land. Much of this destruction was in Haiti, where flooding rains and landslides wiped out roads and farmland. Most of the crops in Haiti that survived Hurricane Issac were destroyed during Sandy. Food security may even be an issue in Haiti due to Hurricane Sandy.

Cuba was also negatively affected by Sandy. Many of the country’s coffee farms were destroyed overnight. It is possible that Cuba may produce its lowest output in coffee beans in more than a century.  Crops such as bananas, tomatoes, and watermelons were lost in the Bahamas.

Localized crop damage in New York City has been severe due to seawater flooding. Many rooftop gardens escaped the flooding but some plants did not. Some of the farm raised bees in New York City also got washed away.

I wish the best to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy and they will be continued to be remembered in my prayers. If you would like to learn more about the effects of Hurricane Sandy please visit To help the victims of Hurricane Sandy please visit the sites below:

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