Article by North District Secretary Ivy Harbin

The North District FFA had an outstanding attendance at this year's COLW. Numerous officers, members, advisors, and guests were present at Albertville High School as well as Falkville High School.

Report :
The morning opened with fellowship, setting the tone for a "brother helping brother" workshop. With the leadership of our president, Valerie White, the opening ceremonies began. Each District Officer was well prepared and perform in pristine condition. Prayer was to follow, given by Josh Black former District President at Albertville, and Blake McMahan former District Secretary at Falkville. Valerie then opened to address the crowd with a lovely prepared speech reminding us to "look back on our Greenhand days" . We then began to break up into our workshops. A theme of Duck Dynasty and workshops such as "How to keep your ducks in a row" and "Teamwork, JACK!" held the attention and got the point across. I truly believe that every one enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Everyone displayed superior behavior and respect, Thank You.

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